Peter Dorrington, XMplify

Peter Dorrington, XMplify

Peter has worked in both the public and private sector for nearly forty years, during which time he has experienced dramatic transformations in both business technology and working practices.

Inventor of the Customer Experience Vector, a new method of combining data science with behavioural science to quantify human experience, Peter is an independent consultant, experience strategist and leader.

Over the last 3 years, Peter has focussed on combining data and behavioural sciences to lead transformation in the field of Experience Management (XM), that lies at the intersection of Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and Partner Experience (PX).

Keynote: From Customer Emotions to Actionable Insights

The Customer Experience (CX) field is approaching a critical point – tried-and-trusted measures & strategies are no longer meeting the needs of organisations as they transform for the Experience Economy. Even with improvements in Machine Learning & AI, understanding what really matters to customers, and how best to serve them is proving challenging; harder still is demonstrating the quantifiable impact doing so has on the bottom line.

In this session, Peter will cover turning emotional insights about customers into actions that; differentiate you from your competition, increase sales, protect margins, improve customer satisfaction / advocacy, lower costs, and reduce customer attrition (churn).

Peter will also outline a strategy & approach for Experience Management (XM) covering; establishing a pragmatic vision, engaging and exciting colleagues, formulating and implementing plans for delivery and, making the change stick as part of the ‘new normal’.


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