Pamela Pavliscak, Pratt Institute

Pamela Pavliscak, Pratt Institute

Pamela is a tech emotionographer focused on affective computing, emotional design, and ethics. As faculty at Pratt Institute, she teaches next-gen designers and developers. As a creative strategist, she collaborates with organizations like Google, IKEA, and Virgin to craft emotionally intelligent experiences. She’s working on two new ventures—Empathic Studio, for the creation of heartfelt and humankind design, and SoundingBox, a research tool that blends machine and human emotional intelligence. Pamela currently serves on the working group for IEEE P7014 for empathic tech. Her work has been featured in Slate, NPR, and Quartz and she’s spoken at SXSW, TEDx, and TNW. Her book, Emotionally Intelligent Design, charts a tech future with feeling.


Masterclass: Emotionally Intelligent Design

We are entering the age of Big Emotion. Research on our emotional lives is flourishing in fields as far-flung as neuroscience and history, computational linguistics and literary theory. But the emotion revolution is just beginning when it comes to technology. Even as technology is increasingly an intimate companion, a go-between for relationships, and a trusted friend helping us to develop new capabilities, it hasn’t been attuned to our inner world. More than designing technology that senses emotional signals, empathic technology has the potential to shape our lives with greater humanity and compassion. This session will consider current products, creative experiments, and speculative designs as a way to explore the unique challenges and ethical considerations for creating an emotionally intelligent future.


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