Jonathan Mall, Neuro Flash

Jonathan Mall, Neuro Flash

Dr. Jonathan T. Mall studies how people communicate and think. Because the better we understand why we think, the better we can be ourselves and make our voices heard. Therefore, the Neuro Flash team created the world’s first AI that combines implicit psychology with big data for predicting people’s thoughts. Their content marketing software is the crystallization of his goal to get people’s┬ávoices heard.

From 38 Billion Words to One Core Idea: How Neurosemantic Analysis Helped Volkswagen Increase Engagement by 417%

Brand positioning and creative content have long been the job of talented marketeers. But in today’s fragmented landscape, it is difficult to understand what a typical customer responds to. Deep word embedding models offer a solution to this challenge. Here we present a successful implementation of a very large word embedding model in the Polish market. The model captures the subconscious associations of a typical customer. These association models are a powerful tool for creating highly effective brand positioning and content. The method, technology and measurable outcomes are discussed.


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