Jackie Cuyvers, Convosphere

Jackie Cuyvers, Convosphere

Jackie is CEO and Co-Founder of Convosphere a global social intelligence services firm. She advises businesses on how to create better customer and partner relationships by using social intelligence. She has over 15 years of experience in digital communications and social media strategy, working with local and global clients across a range of industries, though predominantly in the healthcare sector.

Jackie has advised businesses of all sizes on how to apply social thinking to delivering improved and more effective relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, from patients and carers, through to HCPs. Jackie is a frequent presenter at industry events, showcasing the potential of applying social intelligence to business strategy.

Masterclass: Social Listening: An Emotion Spotlight

The social intelligence industry has matured in terms of process and technology. Analysts have come to rely on social listening tools to help gather, process and analyze online data in a licensed and compliant way. But despite the hundreds of options of social listening tools on the market – there isn’t a clear leader that offers the analyst one ideal tool that spans all industries and markets. Recent mergers and acquisitions in the social listening platforms highlight that these tools are commodities and that it’s the human utilization of them that is the key differentiator. Learn how analysts and researchers can choose the right social listening job – not based on how they market themselves (cost, data volumes, years of data), but based on how they can be used to solve specific data, language or analysis driven strategic business problems to deliver truly actionable insight.


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