Duncan Thomas, Pomegranate

Duncan Thomas, Pomegranate

Duncan started his career as a Brand strategist working for the agency giant; Brand Union. Through learning the sciences of brand architecture and developing techniques around brand relationships, Duncan worked on reshaping global brands such as Shell and Reebok.

Duncan’s keen interest in advancing digital experience design saw him found the agency Pomegranate and he currently heads up the agency’s Innovation and digital strategy areas. A good proportion of his time is now devoted to the progression of the agencies emotional CX and UX methodology; Emotional Ignition. Duncan works with a range of academic partners such as Bristol University’s Experimental Psychology Dept in developing the agency’s approach and successful applications have seen great results for the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Whirlpool.

Emotions in Digital Design

The battleground for creating success is in constant flux, but one key fact has emerged – emotionally engaged customers are twice as valuable as purely satisfied customers. This means business’ across the spectrum need to get beyond the reliance on features, functions and gimmicks. I will be sharing a range of the ways we are achieving Emotional insights to improve the design of digital experience and showing Emotional Ignition in action through a leading client case story.


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