Danica Damljanovic, Sentient Machines

Danica Damljanovic, Sentient Machines

Dr Danica Damljanovic, founder of Sentient Machines on a mission to transform contact centres through emotion-centric AI. An entrepreneur, computer engineer and experienced research scientist, with a PhD from the University of Sheffield in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Danica’s academic research in Natural Language Processing (NLP) is balanced with industry experience, having worked with the SRI team that developed Apple’s Siri, and then Recordsure, analysing human voice. She’s published more than 50 publications, and a book on text analytics, cited over 1600 times.

How to Craft Emotion-Centric Customer Interactions

Emotion drives human connection. We buy things we desire, not the things we need. We don’t understand our gut feeling, but we know that it is a good idea to follow it. Naturally, emotion also influences our communication. How often have you been frustrated with lengthy calls to customer service? What kind of skills the call centre agent need to have in order to calm you down and earn your loyalty back? Is it at all possible to do it through upgrading agent’s communication skills, or is there another, better way? What is the role of emotion with regard to the quality of communication and outcomes?

In this talk we will explore these questions, and the impact of AI to encourage and deliver a positive and emotion-centric approach to customer interactions, and compare it with non-emotional functional ways to communicate. We will explore the way agents speak and how their tone of voice can influence outcomes. We will present the results of a case study from real customer conversations and give an indication of when and how it is most effective to use certain elements of communication skills such as empathy in order to make every conversation matter, leading to exceptional customer service and driving the quality of conversations up by 30%.


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