Alya Yacoubi, Zaion

Alya Yacoubi, Zaion

Alya Yacoubi is AI Team Lead at Zaion. She was previously an artificial intelligence consultant at Devoteam and earned a PhD in artificial intelligence at Paris-Sud University (Paris XI).

Her experience as a PhD student within an industrial R&D team helped to build a strong technical and scientific background. Her fields of interest include Conversational AI, Affective computing and intelligent systems.

Empathic Chatbots

We have seen huge advancements in AI technology in recent years, and more precisely in conversational AI which is being employed more and more by companies to supply on demand customer service. Companies have sped towards conversational AI in the hopes of saving costs, but consumers can often be left disappointed by their encounters with the technology, as user requests can be misinterpreted or simply met with a lack of empathy. What can be done? How can we build empathetic chatbots capable of adapting their speech strategy according to the customer?


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