Alex Clibbon, Kantar

Alex Clibbon, Kantar

Alex completed his PhD in Biomedical Engineering identifying risky patterns in fatal heart rates in 2015. After completing training with Faculty (formerly the ASI) he became a data scientist with Echobox, a social media optimisation platform, before joining Kantar at the end of 2018. At Kantar he is part of the STAN AI toolbox team in the UK analytics practice.

Decoding Emotion in Consumer Feedback to Drive Long-Term Brand Growth

British Gas is an iconic brand serving over 12 million customers across the UK. With this impressive market share they are on a journey to become truly customer obsessed and drive customer loyalty.
As a data rich organisation they are not short of consumer insight, however they needed to unlock new, richer sources of insights to tell the customer story. Most importantly they needed to explore the connected experience by bringing different data sets together to fuel the next phase of their business evolution as they seek to transition from an energy supplier to an energy management and solutions company to meet changing consumer needs.

British Gas leveraged Kantar’s AI & ML technology tool STAN to zero in on what really matters. Using advance analytics STAN unified disparate sources of consumer feedback to uncover the themes and emotions driving conversation and connecting this to long-term brand equity. Emotions were at the heart of taxonomy, with both specific lenses capturing feelings such as support, sympathy, peace of mind and fear, as well as emotionally charged topics, like vulnerability and life stage. The model explored the connected-experience integrating brand, NPS and WOM (online and offline) feedback giving a holistic view of customer needs.

British Gas will showcase how using these insights they are able to make confident, strategic and prioritised decisions ensuring the long-term brand promise is delivering on the customers’ every day energy needs/experiences and most importantly driving competitive advantage .
Session will be co-presented by British Gas and Kantar.


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